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Aluminum Awnings - Aluminum awnings are great for the customer who wants protection from the elements on a year round basis.  These awnings are meant to withstand virtually all weather conditions while still being a beautiful addition to your home.  Windows, doors, patios, porches, and driveways can all be covered using the numerous styles available and most are available in appealing colors that complement your home.

Aluminum Door Hoods -  An aluminum awning over a door is an effective way to protect your entrance way.  A door hood will help keep snow, rain, and ice from reaching your door and/or landing.  These awnings come in custom sizing and colors so that they can perform to your expectations and complement your home.

Aluminum Window Awnings - Aluminmum Window Awnings are the perfect way to block out all of nature's elements on a year round basis.  These awnings are fastened to your home and are designed to withstand pretty much everything nature can dish out.  There are also numerous styles available so an aluminum window awning can fit most any type of window.  Multiple colors are available for each style.


Aluminum Patio Awnings - Patios, decks, and carports can all be covered by using one of the various styles of aluminum patio awnings.  Each style fits a different project and budget.  An Aluminum Twin-Vee Awning is the most cost efficient way to add protection to an area.  Available only in white, this awning is great for driveways and small decks/patios.  With its built in gutter system and decorative posts available, this is a great buy for most households.  The stronger Weather-Stopper Aluminum Patio Awning is the next step up in patio covers.  This awning can cover a tremendous amount of space and is ideal for those who want to incorporate an enclosure (screen or glass) into their project.  The Weather-Stopper is made up of a polyfoam core with aluminum coatings on the inside and outside, so you can consider this unit as an insulated top for a 3 or 4 season room.  Numerous other options are available with this model.  The Aurora (or Arcadia) Aluminum Awnings are a wonderful option for individuals who want to match the colors on their home or the colors of other existing awnings.  These models can also be used in conjunction with screen or glass enclosures (though they are not insulated).  Finally, the Clear-Vue Patio Cover is a revolutionary way to obtain protection from the elements.  Tinted acrylic glass panels with aluminum framing create a unique look that will impress the consumer as well as the neighbors.  Numerous styles and colors are available.



Step-Down Aluminum Awnings -  Step-down Aluminum Awnings are a cost effective way to add protection and beauty to your home.  Numerous styles and colors are available.  All of these awnings are custom made to fit your home or business.


Aurora + arcadia colors only

Aurora + Arcadia colors only

AlumAwningswindowsanddoors/stepdownwindow.jpg AlumAwningswindowsanddoors/panaramaalum2.jpg AlumAwningswindowsanddoors/panaramaalum.jpg AlumAwningswindowsanddoors/redwhitedoorhood.jpg
AlumAwningswindowsanddoors/bluewhitedoorhood.jpg AlumAwningswindowsanddoors/alumwindow3.jpg AlumAwningswindowsanddoors/alumwindow2.jpg AlumAwningswindowsanddoors/alumwindow.jpg

AlumAwningsgallery/weatherstopper2.jpg AlumAwningsgallery/weatherstopper1.jpg AlumAwningsgallery/sunroom1.jpg AlumAwningsgallery/screenroom3.jpg
AlumAwningsgallery/screenroom2.jpg AlumAwningsgallery/screenroom1.jpg AlumAwningsgallery/latticeoption2.jpg AlumAwningsgallery/carport3.jpg
AlumAwningsgallery/carport2.jpg AlumAwningsgallery/carport1.jpg

Arcadia Door Hood and Window Unit
Aurora Door Hood and Window Unit
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Step-Down Awning